Beauty Live Ring Light Kit, Ringlight Flashes, Tripod Stand

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The entire package comprises 1 LED ring light, one light stand, one rotatable smartphone holder, four fluorescent filters, four orange filters, one hot shoe adapter, and one power adapter.
The ring light kit includes an 18 inch LED ring light, a white and an orange filter set, an adjustable stand, a rotating phone holder, a hot shoe adapter, a power adapter, a power plug and a carrying bag for the light.
The kit includes the light, stand, Bluetooth remote, ball head and smartphone holder, and white and orange filters for color correction.
Investing in Neewer gives you an LED ring and three - legged light stand, white and orange filters, a hot shoe adapter for cameras, a power adapter, a remote, and a rotatable smartphone holder.
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Widely Use : Suitable for live, photography, self - timer, makeup, selfie, Vlog, YouTube video shooting, photography lighting, portrait photography, video chat, live streaming, product display, etc, it can be widely used indoors and outdoors. .
This set of ring light with stand is your perfect choice of extra light for video shooting, live streaming, selfie photos, filming, video recording, online tutorial, dark scenery vlogging.
It can be used for getting the perfect shots, videos and by the makeup artists and for taking a selfie as well.
The 5500 K color temperature will remove any unflattering shadows from your face, and is perfect for applying makeup, as well as for selfies, vlogs, or portrait photography.
Providing even and shadow - free light effect, the LED ring light is a good choice for makeup, shooting videos, making vlog, live streaming, advertisement photography and more.
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Combine ring light, tripod, phone holder together, makes it more convenient for you to shoot a perfect makeup tutorial with your phone or computer.
It combines a selfie ring light and a phone holder, making it a professional tool for creating live videos or recording with your smartphone.
The ring light combines with the phone holder to allow you to take videos or photos with professional - looking results.
Phone Holder with Two Positions : Except the phone holder attaches to the pole of the tripod, you can choose to fix the phone holder in the middle of ring light, which is able to get the person centered in the screen and well lit. .
Moreover, the ring light offers you a phone holder that you can rotate through 360 degrees, adding to your comfort when taking a photo or video.
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A wide variety of led ring light options are available to you, There are 109,625 led ring light suppliers, mainly located in Asia.
Adjustable Light : with dimmable led bulbs, selfie ring light with stand provides you the perfect light for your photography/ live streaming etc.
This ring light includes 240 pieces of LED bulbs in its design that ensure you have excellent lighting throughout your usage.
The Neewer 18 inch dimmable SMD LED ring light kit is our overall favorite of all ring lights we have tested so far this year.
As an off - camera, adjustable light, the Wescott 18 '' Bi - Color LED Ring Light is a versatile kit offering excellent quality.
The GVM 600s is an LED ring light with six removable light bars that guarantee you get the best light everywhere.
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YouTubers use a continuous ring light, which is a bit different than on - camera ring lights designed for macro photography.
While macro on - camera ring flashes are the original ring light, this type of light also became popular for vlogging and portraits.
LED camera ring flashes are a great option for close - up ( macro ) photography, medical and dental photography and some types of fashion photography.
Some LED ring flashes will have special features that can enhance the quality of your photography when using the ring flash.
First, you need to decide whether you want an on - camera or off - camera ring light and whether you need flash or continuous.
Ring light and macro camera flashes are easy - to - use multipurpose tools designed for providing uniform and evenly distributed lighting during a photoshoot.
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An LED ring flash usually consists of a power and control unit mounted on a hot shoe with a circular flash unit that is mounted on the front of a lens.
Rather than mounting directly on a camera lens, it has small, floating flash heads connected to a controller with a hot shoe mount.
An off - camera ring light is mounted on a tripod and usually has a special mount to hold the camera in place.
Power to the ring flash is typically supplied by batteries in the shoe - mounted unit, and the ring flash is supplied with power by cables that also convey control signals.
The phone mount that goes inside the ring does use a standard screw mount, so buying a separate male / male mount for a camera or an ipad mount should hypothetically be possible.
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Lighting Modes and Brightness Levels : For the best performance, you also need to pick a selfie ring light that has different lighting modes and adjustable brightness.
Unique arc curved surface design provides even light and features 3 color lighting modes : Warm Light ( 2900 K ), Cool White ( 4300 K ), and Day Light ( 5700 K ), Dimming range : 1%-100 % with 10 brightness levels each mode.
Upgraded 14 RGB Color & 3 Normal Color Mode : Warm, White, Daylight and 14 RGB color light mode, meet all your needs in different circumstances.
As you would expect from a high - end ring light, this model comes with various color modes and brightness levels.
Andoer 12 Inch LED ring light features 3 colors light modes and adjustable brightness to meet all your needs in different circumstances.
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Nateuiy upgraded tripod stand adopts Aluminum material & new style lock catch tripod stand extendable from 17.9 "to 52.3 ", just lock it at desired length as you like and last you for years.
LED Ring Light with tripod stand is made of advanced aluminum and adopts quick - flip locks and weighted tripod base for enchance the stability without tipping over.
Ring light with tripod can be extended up from 15.7 "to 63" and Plus a desk tripod stand to adjust any length to match your needs. .
This ring light from UBeesize comes with an upgraded tripod stand designed with quick - flip locks and a weighted base that enable you to maintain stability without the item wobbling.
The product also offers you a quality tripod stand constructed with aluminum allow that enables you to obtain a durable and sturdy item.
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The ergonomic LED SMD design of this ring light allows you to obtain a lightweight item that is highly convenient to transport.
A collapsible design makes the RoundFlash easy to tuck into a bag without taking up as much space as an actual ring light.
The Inkeltech Ring Light presents you with a quality product that comes with a carry bag that enables you to pack the item into a compact size for convenient transportation and storage.
The item features a special LED SMD design that enables you to have a lightweight product that you can comfortably handle whenever necessary.
I 've tucked it all in a backpack, and that works, but for the money, I 'd love to see Neewer toss in a free bag.
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Accessories : Some LED ring lights come with all the necessary accessories that you need to work with the light while others do not have all the necessary accessories.
A : Yes, the ring lights come with quality tripods and accessories that enable you to set up the product with ease.
Some LED ring lights come with all the necessary accessories that you need to work with the light while others do not have all the necessary accessories.
I need to stress that this is a very basic product with limited use for someone who just needs something basic.
If you are willing to get a professional ring light with stand the one coming from Diva Ring could become your ultimate choice.
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The adjustable tripod head allows you to find the perfect angle to light your subject, makes your photograph or livestreaming easily ..
The adjustable ring light allows you to find the perfect angle to light your subject, makes your photograph or livestreaming easily ..
This ring light features a 3-way pan head that allows you to swivel and tilt the product to get the perfect angle for your needs.
I could see this being a great option for getting over the heads in a crowd or achieving angles that would be otherwise difficult.
Erligpowht presents you with a premium product that includes a phone holder that you can comfortably adjust through 360 degrees, adding to your convenience when finding the perfect angle.
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The USB cable is also a great alternative as it is easily powered by your laptop, power bank, or USB socket.
The Ring Light needs to be plugged into a USB Port to light up, it works with Laptop, Computer, Power Bank and Wall Charger.
Flexible USB charging method, can connect to power adapter, mobile power bank and computer to get powered, very convenient to use.
Low power consumption, safe and reliable, USB powered device, such as computer, laptops, mobile power, mobile phone chargers, can be the power source for the live streaming light, let you not worry about power supplies. .
More than that, this ring is usable with most devices that support USB ports including laptops, USB charger, power banks, and the likes.
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No longer worry about the low battery of your phone during video shoots, since a USB port ( 12V/2A ) is designed on switch for phone charging.
The Neewer kit doesn't have a battery option, so you have to plug it into the wall, which can be an inconvenience compared to a rechargeable battery.
Lights are rechargeable via a USB cord ( included ), and the battery holds out long enough for you to pose in front of the camera for about an hour, but no longer.
The controller works well with the device but would be cool to see it have a battery option for wireless use.
If you carry a power bank with you or only shoot at home, the short battery life won't be an issue.

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