Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter

In fact, with just a few simple changes to your car's battery pack, you can more than double the energy efficiency of a normal electric car.
Use this product according to traffic rules: Do not overcharge your lane, use your lane, pull the front brake and drive too fast. Do not use the lane and use our product or one of our products as a passenger in a car with an electric vehicle.
The lifetime warranty for frames and pedals can be replaced in the event of damaged or broken pedals. Battery capacity is normally reduced by more than 50% due to human factors. You can replace all equipment and controls free of charge, except water and human causes that are not covered by the warranty. Do battery maintenance at least once a year for at least 2 years after purchase and once every 3 years.
We offer warranty services if there are problems with the quality of the product or a defect in our product within the 7-day warranty period.
If the problem needs to be returned for repair, our shop will cover the cost of spare parts and shipping. Please understand that we do not support returns due to use or product preparation. If you refuse to register for quality reasons, we will not carry your freight for you or your product for a period of 7 days after you have refused or refused to register.
If you return the parts to the factory for repair within 90 days of receipt, the customer shall bear the cost of the spare parts. The shipping costs for the returned goods are AA (30 - 90 days after receipt). If you experience the following scenario, we will not cover the shipping costs for you or your product after 30 days.
A convenient control display shows the remaining power, driving speed and mileage, and a convenient fold-down button that folds in seconds. There is no carbon soldering material or soldering material in the insulation material itself, only carbon fiber insulation.

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