Compatible Hp 80A Cf280A Premium Black Toner Cartridges

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Our compatible HP 80A Black Laser Toner Cartridge ( HP CF280A ) is a replacement toner cartridge for HP monochrome laser printers.
Save up to 25 % with Original HP high - capacity ink and toner cartridges, compared with standard - capacity HP printer cartridges.
With HP at Office Depot, save more and print more without changing cartridges as frequently with Original HP XL ink cartridges and Original HP X toner and PageWide cartridges.
This Replacement HP 80A, CF280A printer cartridge is just one of the extensive selection of premium compatible HP cartridges from ZILLA, your HP Printer Supplies Specialist.
Only genuine HP toner, such as the No.80A Black LaserJet Toner Cartridges, can guarantee top quality and reliability from your HP LaserJet printer.
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Your printer warranty can not be voided because you select compatible products unless the manufacturer can prove that the compatible product caused direct damage to your printer.
In cases such as this, the manufacturer may choose not to repair your printer but your warranty would remain in effect for all other warranty issues.
For faulty products, please send me pictures for checking, if problems raised because of our product, we will replace or refund.
For that reason, you can use this knowing that in the highly unlikely event the product causes problems with your machine, we will repair or replace your printer in accordance with this guarantee.
Our option also comes with a superb 1-year warranty and satisfaction guarantee, so you know you're covered in the off chance you discover issues with our product.
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So I ran multiple pages ( solid black, images, large and small text, and TINY [ 5 point ] text ) to do a comparison.
Unless you're doing a solid black page this will probably not be an issue for you, so go on to difference # 2, below.
I spotted only ONE minor difference, and this time it was the HP which had the minor glitch, a small extraneous dot of black.
The only differences were that ( a ) the magnified images were slightly more granular, and ( b ) a small section ( about 1.5 "by 0.5" ) appeared to be slightly lighter ( more gray - ish ) than the HP.
On the solid black page ( 8"x10" solid black ) the HP cartridge's output was just a bit more "solid" while in couple of places there were slightly - visible "irrgularities" in the LD cartirdge's output.

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