Do you have what it takes to be the hero of a headset trial?

Amazing 7 is the professional audio brand for sharing your voice.

Recruit 100 Amazing 7 Headphone Experience Officers and get $65.99 worth of headphones for free!

100 copies of the Amazing 7 headphones worth $65.99 for free!

1. Here's what we hope to recruit as an Experience Officer

Expect you to have an account on any of the following platforms and meet the corresponding number of followers, Facebook >100K, Instagram >50K.

2. Who can become an Experience Officer and get a free headset? What does an Experience Officer do?

From the total number of applicants, 100 will be selected to send out their products. Experience Officers are required to submit a report of at least 1000 words on their experience within 7 days of receipt.

3. When will the shortlist of Experience Officers be announced?

From 23-28 November, reply on Instagram: Amazing for the full list.

4. Additional surprises are rumoured

That's right, in addition to sending out free samples to the 100 selected Test Pilots, we are also giving away a 50% off voucher for Test Pilots and partners who meet the "conditions" but don't become Test Pilots, which can be used to purchase the product at 50% off at

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