Highly Effective Ways To Promote A Product For Amazon Sellers

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Posting an informative, helpful blog post or video that includes a link to your Amazon listing, such as a How - to video or list post, is a great way to indirectly promote your products through social media.
Create ads and connect with influences to spread awareness of your Amazon products and link back to your listings on social media.
Announce through your social media accounts that any user who posts your Amazon listing in their bio will be entered for a chance to win a prize.
To promote your listing through influencer marketing, start by coming up with a list of key individuals in your sector with a large base of social media followers.
By creating social media content that is exciting and relevant, you can promote your Amazon listings through social media in a way that feels natural rather than invasive.
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However, when you start working with Amazon as a first party seller, you may face a unique problem : competition from third parties selling your products.
Ultimately, you should sell high - end, branded items ( that only you sell ) with high margins and low product weight.
But just like any online business, it all comes down to how well you can choose your products and market yourself.
Making a profit by selling on Amazon is possible if you think smart, implement a well - planned strategy, and effectively market your business.
Every sale made by a third party is a sale that isn't credited to you; 3Ps sell your products for profit but have no stake in your brand integrity.
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The coveted Amazon Buy Box is the box on the right side of the product detail page where customers can click to add the item to their shopping cart.
Much the same as when you combine your own product variations, you can also request that Amazon merges 3P ASINs into your detail page.
The latter is when a 3P seller can win the buy box and "take control" of your curated detail page because your product is out of stock in the Amazon Fulfillment Center.
More importantly, merging 3P items into your detail pages means that you can prevent them from showing up in search results at all, instead confining them to the "Other Sellers on Amazon" section of the buy box as in the example below.
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Let's call this effect the "buy box bias" - if a 3P seller controls the buy box they will take potential sales away from the 1P brand.
A first party seller ( 1P ) is a brand manufacturer that sells inventory directly to Amazon, who then sells it to the customer.
When sellers share a single listing on Amazon because they all sell the same product, there's always a Buy Box -- the first highlighted price option.
A third party seller ( 3P ) uses Amazon as a marketplace to sell directly to consumers; the 3P is the MOR.
Appearing in the Buy Box requires that you meet certain criteria and that Amazon chooses you from the pool of sellers who offer the same item.
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Detecting these popular keywords, search engines will recognize your listing as a relevant result for your buyers 'searches and rank it higher.
If your listing currently isn't ranking high for your product keywords, it might be because the listing text isn't considered relevant by Amazon's search engine.
With these additions, search engines -- both Amazon's and others -- determine that your listing is a relevant result and rank it higher.
Analyze the text of the current top - ranking listings to search for potentially relevant keywords that you can include to boost your product.
Amazon looks at the keywords in your product titles to rank listings, so you need to include as many keywords as you can in the 500-character title.
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Before you get started with that $ 1,000 / month goal, you need to get set up to sell your products on Amazon.
If you want to make a lot of money on Amazon, simply describing the basics of your product is not good enough.
If you're starting and don't have a ton of deals under your belt, you can choose to get started as an individual.
Before we get into how to accomplish that, let's review some basics to see if selling on Amazon is the right opportunity for you.
Because remember, even if you can't beat 'em, you can join 'em -- and make $ 1,000 each month selling on 'em if you follow these steps.
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Amazon FBA ( Fulfillment by Amazon ) is a program that allows you to sell on Amazon without having to fulfill orders yourself.
But as an Amazon retailer, you can take advantage of Amazon's sophisticated automation tools provided through Fulfillment by Amazon ( FBA ).
If you opt for Amazon FBA, you'll no longer have to worry about shipping and fulfilling because Amazon will do it for you.
By signing up for Fulfillment by Amazon, sellers no longer have to worry about providing great shipping as the marketplace handles fulfilling your orders.
If you sign up for Fulfillment by Amazon ( FBA ), you can store your products in their centers and scale your business reach by using FBA to pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for your products.
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Making sure you have high - quality product photos is also important, which is why I recommend using free photo editing tools to improve your image quality.
The right image is not only necessary for increasing sales, but certain image specifications must be maintained in order to comply with Amazon image standards.
As competing sellers improve the quality of their images and descriptions, it will be increasingly necessary for you to do the same.
Similar to other categories or listings, you will need to create a good description along with the use of high - quality images.
It is worth investing in good quality photography as your photos are one of the essential things that can increase product sales and conversion rates.
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Videos that Amazon features are not only designed to promote products, but they also provide customers with in - depth information about the item.
And since you are selling items that require operational knowledge, having a video clip showcasing the use of an appliance would be appealing to shoppers.
Shoppers in such categories are searching for a specific item for a specific task, which is why having a clear and informative description matters for shoppers.
While not all retailers have the resources to do a show like this, they can feature videos of their own customers wearing and using their products with direct links to product pages.
They can't see your products in - person, so this feedback from other buyers is especially meaningful to shoppers trying to make a purchase.
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As the top ecommerce platform in the country, 95 million people visit Amazon's site each month -- and that number only accounts for people in the United States.
The enormous number of shoppers who use Amazon makes it easy to see why so many sellers set out to start their enterprises on the Amazon platform.
Perhaps even more remarkably, when one small feature was added to their review platform, Amazon began to earn ( at least ) $ 2.7 billion each year.
As Amazon just increased its Q4 2018 profits by 20 % year - over - year and brought in $ 72.4 billion, the market is more significant than ever and still growing.
As of now, there are more than 2.5 million active sellers on Amazon, and this number is likely to keep growing.
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Amazon has changed a lot over the years, and the tech giant continues to change as a result of improving technology.
As a result, action figures from popular movies and shows are more popular than ever, and this trend is likely to continue well into the future.
As a result of the trend of smart gadgets and advances in computer technology, toys and games are becoming increasingly advanced.
Artificial intelligence is likely to continue to make these suggestions increasingly accurate in the future, which will continue to make it easier for Amazon customers to find exactly what they're looking for.
As a result of these advancements, there are likely to be many new forms of customer support in the future that are not yet possible.
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You should take advantage of the data that Facebook Ads accrue over time to test different versions of your ads and to test targeting different audiences.
For testing targeting audiences, you want one campaign with two ad sets, each with a different audience, but with identical copies of ads ( creative & copy ).
Some sellers know that they should test audiences, offers & ad variations, but they don't set up their campaigns to allow for proper A / B testing.
The audience for the ad above was a 1 % lookalike audience from past Amazon customers, narrowed down to people who also were parents of children, were interested in Amazon.com & also interested in outdoor recreational activities.
A lookalike audience is when you take an existing list of leads or customers and tell Facebook to show ads to people that are similar to the people on that list.
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However, lowering your price for these reasons means that you usually lower them to near break - even level -- sometimes even lowering them below the profitability level.
If you're selling in a competitive space, you can virtually sell at the same price or slightly lower than your main competitors.
There are two main threats that can cause you to lose your buy box : being undercut on price or going out of stock.
When a brand offers a steep discount, resellers can take the opportunity to buy in bulk at heavily reduced prices - when you do this you are essentially flooding the market with cheap stock.

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