How To Find More Traffic For Amazon Sellers At Low Price

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A high sales velocity is a key performance indicator for an Amazon account, so its A9 ranking algorithm analyzes sales results and increases the sales rank for products that sell well.
A well - executed strategy towards driving external traffic to Amazon will increase velocity, boost traffic, drive sales, improve keyword rankings, and potentially get a Best Seller Ranking.
The ideal Amazon sales velocity represents a perfect balance between these factors -- increasing sales by creating a virtuous circle or flywheel effect.
You have to understand both the marketplace policies -- Buy Box winning, search rankings -- as well as ways to drive outside traffic to your listing to maximize sales.
The marketplace's engine considers other factors for ranking -- selling history, price, and more -- so SEO alone doesn't necessarily lead to higher rankings.
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Always provide great shipping and you won't hurt your chance at winning the Buy Box or at ranking high in search results.
Well, they also measure factors related to customer service when ranking your product in search results, as well as determining the Buy Box winner.
Like shipping performance, your overall seller rating on Amazon also impacts your chances of winning the Buy Box and ranking high in Amazon's search results.
If you want to win the Buy Box, rank higher in search results, and increase your Amazon sales, then you need to maintain competitive prices for your products.
Make an effort to keep your seller rating as high as possible and you'll help your listings stay visible through the Buy Box and Amazon search results.
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Amazon considers a multitude of factors to pick the Buy Box seller -- mainly price, but also others like seller rating and shipping type.
If you're a seller on Amazon and want to achieve your Buy Box dreams -- then check out this compilation of our favorite pricing strategies.
You want to keep your listings 'prices at or lower than competitors' not only because shoppers are looking for the best deals -- you also want to win the Buy Box if you're sharing a listing with other sellers, and Amazon highly prioritizes price in choosing the box winner.
Appearing in the Buy Box requires that you meet certain criteria and that Amazon chooses you from the pool of sellers who offer the same item.
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Amazon, however, does limit gift - wrapping to Amazon Professional Sellers -- as an Amazon Professional Seller, you pay a monthly subscription fee.
Did you know that over 80 % of Amazon sellers also sell through other channels, like eBay, brick - and - mortar, and third - party websites?
Don't forget that there are restrictions involved in getting access to Amazon Attribution, it's currently only available for Sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, Vendors, and agencies that advertise to sell products on Amazon.
You aren't allowed to market people away from Amazon, but you can absolutely market outside to bring customers to your Amazon store.
If you 'd like to make your products available for Amazon Subscribe and Save, you can do so in your Amazon Seller account.
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HubSpot Tip : Share your social media accounts on your Amazon brand page and product listings to build your follower list.
Since your followers expect to receive value from your posts, it's best to avoid creating posts on your account that are basically ads for your listings.
Posting an informative, helpful blog post or video that includes a link to your Amazon listing, such as a How - to video or list post, is a great way to indirectly promote your products through social media.
Announce through your social media accounts that any user who posts your Amazon listing in their bio will be entered for a chance to win a prize.
To promote your listing through influencer marketing, start by coming up with a list of key individuals in your sector with a large base of social media followers.
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An email list of past or potential customers lets you engage with them, build a relationship and market future product launches.
By sending customers directly to your listing, you're sacrificing a long - term relationship for a ( potential ) immediate sale.
It's important to put the customer through a sales funnel, which allows you to capture emails and market directly to them, before they land on the product page.
Using these strategies leads buyers right to your listings, so they can make their way down your sales funnel and grow to become a customer.
Capturing emails from your customers is a great way to encourage them to leave reviews, which will benefit your products 'search performance and conversion rates.
By growing your target market, say from consumers in the U.S. to consumers in the U.S. and Canada, you can potentially increase your sales and revenue.
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With a PPC campaign, whether for Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brands, or Product Display Ads, you can reach your target audience as they search for related products.
For the first time, you can measure the performance of non - Amazon Advertising media such as search ads, social media ads, display ads, video ads, and email marketing.
Product Display ads show up on the side or bottom of Amazon SERPs and along the side of related product pages.
Invest in Amazon advertising ( as we discussed above ) as well as Facebook and Google Ads to drive traffic to your product pages.
The service uses keywords, related products, and shopper interests to place ads where consumers are most likely to click on them.
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It's critical for not only improving your ranking in search results but also persuading your target shopper to purchase your product.
Even better, your competition doesn't target them, which provides an opportunity for your business to reach another segment of your target audience.
That results in more purchases and revenue for your business, which can support your goals of expanding your product line or growing your team.
With this proactive step, your business can develop a strategy for improving and optimizing your products, which can boost their ranking in search results -- and that makes it easier for shoppers to find and purchase your goods.
With the best performance metrics, your business can increase its online visibility in search results, win its product Buy Boxes, and earn more sales.
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An alternative strategy used by FBA seller, Kev Blackburn, is to always set your min ( floor ) selling price at 30 % above your cost price plus fees.
A modern repricing solution gives you the ability to set your repricing rules to sell your stock in the way you need to, at the price you're prepared to sell at.
With a repricing solution, you easily set a min ( floor ) price for your items which you will never go below.
Once you 've found the perfect product to sell on Amazon, you need a solid pricing strategy and if you have enough products, a repricing tool to keep your prices competitive and ensure you make a profit.
With this approach, you're leveraging the popularity of your best - selling product to not only clear your low - selling inventory but also sell your most in - demand product.
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If there are any complaints about your shipping from buyers, the marketplace will remove the rating since they are responsible for shipping issues.
When a customer leaves a poor rating, reach out to the buyer to see if you can still resolve their issue.
You can then formulate an email to the buyer and try to resolve the issues - all with a single click.
If you don't handle customer requests properly, such as shipping the item late or not being prompt in completing a return, you'll anger buyers.
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In Amazon's eyes, broad and phrase match keywords are actually "buckets" of search terms often yielding thousands of results for off - topic items.
Once your ads have accumulated enough clicks, use the search term query report and filter by search terms that have over 15 clicks and zero orders.
For example, you may find some keywords that did well in your Google Shopping campaign, and that also have a high search volume and CPC on Amazon.
Look at your search term reports frequently ( or use technology that can read the report for you ) and look at search terms that have at least one sale.
Adding negative keywords to your campaigns from the start will help you optimize the campaign faster, as you won't' be wasting money on clicks for irrelevant searches.
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While your product bullet points can't necessarily influence your product's ranking, they can support product relevance once a shopper lands on your page.
Plus, it provides your product with a competitive edge as your product remains in the running, even when shoppers use the Amazon Prime filter.
HubSpot Tip : Test your product images to see which one converts more shoppers ( like an A / B test ).
In response, you add to your product features -- which is the five - point list that appears to the right of your product images -- that your product includes a one - year warranty.
If a consumer makes it past your product title, images, price, and purchase options ( if applicable ), he or she will find your product key features, or bullet points.
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For example, you can bundle your grills with a cover and a brush, which encourages shoppers to buy the "complete package" and have everything they need to use and maintain their grill.
For instance, you wouldn't sell your grill with a pair of shoes -- you 'd sell it with a grill - related product, like a brush or cover.
For example, your propane grills can include a brochure on different grilling recipes or techniques to try -- and a call - to - action ( CTA ) for shoppers to share their experience on Amazon.
The initiative on your company's part can lead to shoppers not only posting a review of your product but purchasing additional items from your company, like a grill brush or cover.
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The enormous number of shoppers who use Amazon makes it easy to see why so many sellers set out to start their enterprises on the Amazon platform.
It's probably most suitable for Sellers of large / heavy items that one would only have to pay Amazon storage fees to fulfill end - to - end.
With 50 percent of shoppers turning to Amazon for purchasing a product, it's no surprise that more businesses are joining the platform.
What benefits does the platform bring to Amazon sellers to make it rise into such a powerful tool in the last ten years?
Even though Instagram is often the right choice of social platform for Amazon sellers, it can still be a tough nut to crack.
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Generally, an Amazon marketing strategy is comprised of five components : Amazon Marketing Services, Amazon SEO, reviews, direct marketing, and affiliate marketing.
Like with your Amazon marketing strategy, consider creating an Amazon advertising strategy to best target your ads and drive shopping traffic to your product pages.
You know you're optimizing your advertising and marketing strategy according to Amazon's guidelines because you partnered with a respected and trusted agency.
A competitor analysis provides your business with valuable information on that company's keyword strategy, as well as their approach to advertising and marketing on Amazon.
While it's critical that you have Amazon SEO and PPC management strategies in place, it's essential to research the potential benefits of adopting other inbound marketing strategies.
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That is why many businesses on Amazon, whether established or thriving brands, outsource the management of their Amazon account to an agency.
When you partner with an established agency, like WebFX, you receive an award - winning and hands - on team that understands Amazon.
With a history of increasing client revenues, WebFX is a trusted Amazon Seller agency for companies that want to increase their Amazon sales.
Due to the complexity of Amazon's algorithms, as well as continuous updates, businesses often partner with an agency that specializes in Amazon marketing.
That's why many companies start soliciting or incentivizing reviews from consumers, which goes against Amazon's policies and jeopardizes your online business.
He joined forces with LandingCube in December 2016 as the first marketing hire to help Amazon sellers grow their brands by leveraging traffic sources outside of Amazon.
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It's an FBA feature that permits Amazon to fulfill your international orders using your existing FBA inventory, which resides in the U.S.
In most cases, businesses find that investing in FBA is the best option, as Amazon considers FBA to have the best performance metrics when it comes to fulfilling orders.
If you don't use Fulfillment by Amazon ( FBA ), it's likely an ongoing challenge for your team to meet your order shipment dates -- especially if you're already receiving a massive amount of orders.
By signing up for Fulfillment by Amazon, sellers no longer have to worry about providing great shipping as the marketplace handles fulfilling your orders.
If you have trouble fulfilling orders, restocking goods, or processing returns, it hurts your visibility and can even lead to additional fees from Amazon.
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So, first look to your statistics on traffic, then on the conversion rate of this traffic, and then how this influences sales.
With unique conversion metrics, such as Amazon detail page views, purchase rate, and sales, you get a granular view into how each marketing tactic is contributing to shopping activity.
So, if part of evaluating your conversion rate is appreciating how much traffic you achieve - then you need to draw clicks to your listings.
But if you don't know how to capture traffic effectively, you may end up with a lot of ad spend for very little change in conversion rates.
However, the Amazon conversion rate is in fact the most important metric for any eCommerce business, as it shows how well your efforts are influencing your success, or not.
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The part of the URL that's bold is all that you need to bring up this product page in your browser.
One important thing to note here the use of the & 20 character instead of the + character in the URL.
To bring everything we 've learned about custom URL queries together, let's say we wanted to bring up the search results page for the term "espresso maker" in the Kitchen & Dining category, filtered by the Breville brand.
Just like with the & field - keywords= string, the only part of the URL necessary to tell Amazon to bring us to the "Kitchen & Dining" category is the & node= query, in this case & node=284507.
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Instagram also announced in September 2018 that they were launching a new "Shopping" section in the "Explore" category on their app.
This provided a huge boost to their "Shopping on Instagram" program because more than 200 million accounts visit the "Explore" section of the app on a daily basis.
Shopping on Instagram allows you to tap into the more than 90 million people that engage with shopping posts to learn more about products on Instagram every month.
Their users are very engaged, with more than 500 million ( of the 1 billion total ) using the platform on a daily basis.
Instagram provides a visual medium, engaged audience, and a user - base with demographics that put them among the most frequent online shoppers.

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