Beauty Live Ring Light Kit, 18” Ringlight Flashes, 75″ Tripod Stand, 3 Tablet Phone Camera Holder, Led Anchor Live Light, Live on YouTube Instagram, Video, Makeup


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  • Clearer Youtube Video: our ring light adds enough light to your face or object when recording a video, giving you a more solid face line and clearer product detail. More people will want to watch your videos and become your fans
  • Brighter Vision: this ring light set can make your visual world more beautiful and gorgeous; look better when you video with your family and friends. With this ring light, your pictures on Instagram and Facebook will be more beautiful and charming. It will give you good lighting effect when you record YouTube videos. Your makeup will look more beautiful and generous with the ring light set
  • Bring You the Right Brightness and Color Temperature: when you find that the room is not bright enough, you can turn on our ring light with stand and adjust the brightness of the ring light according to the indoor environment to keep the light on your face bright enough. The brightness of the light can be adjusted to 10 levels. If you want a softer color, you can adjust three temperatures, white, warm yellow and warm white
  • Attractive Eyes: bright light angel iris, automatic pupil effect, when you complete the perfect makeup, selfie with our ring light, you will find your eyes full of charm, just like the eyes of an angel
  • 2020 new model debut USB charging design, can charge two mobile phones, live streaming continuously With three removable/adjustable phone holder positions, you can live on Yutube Instagram Tiktok or other at the same time Urgent as a rock 75-inch anti-folding floor stand, twist it to any angle you like. CE ROHS certification, USB Powered: USB powered, our ring lights can be connected to USB ports, power banks, laptops, computers and more

Aluminum based sheet
Thicker plates for better heat dissipation. Make sure the temperature rise of the fill light is appropriate, thus extending the life of the lamp.

The output voltage of the driver:

The working voltage of the lamp bead is safe voltage, there is no danger of electric shock if human body touches it directly.



lamp bead
With a well-known brand OSRAM 1W (watt) a large lamp bead, five times more than the peer’s 0.2W,

Product quality while improving the brightness, to ensure that the fill light effect of the live broadcast.

Lens technology

We are the only company in the industry that uses lens technology, which ensures that light is evenly distributed.

Dark spot, reduce the LED light to stimulate the eyes, thus more protective of the eyes.

Translucent mask



PC material, flat surface U-shaped groove design, the width of the perfect match with the overall size,
Bright and smooth surface, more in line with the aesthetic sense.

Shell material

ABS brand new material, with regular heat dissipation design, fully guarantee the heat dissipation of the product.

Very safe.

Four-slot flexible swivel design for connecting the steering part between the body and fixed bracket.

It can be rotated and fixed in any direction from 0 to 180 degrees. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.



2020 new model debut
Studio-grade bright muscle light

18-inch large aperture/dual USB charging design/multi-platform live broadcast setting

Large USB charging

Light a View Professional Live Lead City



Live Online Selling

Clothing, cosmetics, footwear, etc.

Professional Karaoke Live

Embroidery and Beauty Live

Live lectures by instructors

Talent Dance Live


Fill light , for a flashlight
Short video shooting/straight shooting

Newly upgraded 18″ remote control

USB bright muscle ring fill light

Lamp Diameter 18


Newly upgraded 18″ bright muscle filllight
AR panoramic lighting effect

12 plus lens lamp beads

Remote control / Infinitely adjustable

Dual USB phone charging

Extra-large light for better visibility

Output Power 55W

intelligent remote control

Remote control dimming, convenient and easy to use


Turn on

optical adjustment

increase brightness

lower brightness

yellow light adjustment

White light, yellow light, full brightness, night light switching


USB charging design , can charge two mobile phones, live streaming continuously
Mobile phone charging does not worry, live without battery

With three removable/adjustable positions

True light filler effect at a glance

New and upgraded ring fill light

Skin Rejuvenation Panorama


Genuine material
The beads are the “heart” of our ring light products, they get dimmer and dimmer because they directly affect the stability of the light.

Our lamp beads are stable, the ring light uses imported Osram and large lenses.

Long service life, no dark spot, softer, toen sure users a long and stable use of the lamp.


Long life
Smart Remote Control Ring Light

Large lamp with lens

Adopt the well-known brand OSRAM 1W (W) one big lamp bead with lens, five times more than the peer’s 02W.

Ensure product quality while improving brightness

Extreme brightness with three color temperatures

Breaking the Dark Noise


Soft Light Tricolor USB Powered LED Beads Smart Switch
white light

white warm light

warm light


cool skin tone

natural skin tone

Multi-functional application of beauty and light

The simple and convenient “Professional Refinisher”


You and the goddess, a distance of only one fill light
pre-facial phototherapy

after refinishing

Softening and brightening skin

It can beautify the skin to reduce discoloration and hide blemishes.

usual effect

Brightening effect after fill-in

Brighter and more beautiful pupils

It comes with an unpassed function to make your eyes more attractive.



Urgent as a rock 75-inch anti-folding floor stand
Self-adjusting height, easy to put away, portable and practical

Metal universal hoses

Bendable and adjustable

Twist it to any angle you like.


Ring diameter: 18 inches with remote control

Power supply: built-in, 79-inch cable length, Euro 8-character

Customizable to American Standard


Material: Chassis/ABS, Cover/PC

Lighting power: 55W

Number of beads:120pcs,1W/pcs

Adding large lens beads to increase the brightness.

Lens technology: even light, no dark spots, more eye protection

Placement: 75 inch tripod, stainless steel

Adjustable height: free height adjust ment up to 75 inches



Light color: white/warm white/natural light(infinite dimming)

Color Temperature: 2900K~6500K

Color rendering index: RA>85


Box Size: 17.72*3.15*18.7 inches

Weight per unit: 2.24KG


The package contains
1 X 18-inch ring light

1 X Tote

3 X Tablet Phone Holder

1X Power cable

1 X Remote controls

1 X 75-inch floor stand


Additional information

Item package quantity

1 pcs


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