Printer Toner Vacuum Cleaner for Printer toner cartridges


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  • This handheld vacuum is mainly used for cleaning toner cartridges, printer and copier.
  • It is also an affordable option for your home, condo, or apartment to clean air vents, window sills, computers printers, and video equipment. Can also be used in a business or office including cleaning pharmaceutical equipment, medical equipment,  computer maintenance, data centers, ATM machines, and gaming machines


  • Rating voltage     220V
  • rated power   50Hz/60Hz
  • Rated input power  800W
  •   Air volume  160 cubic meters / h
  • Noise 80-90dB (half meter from the vacuum cleaner)
  • net weight 5Kg (without accessories)
  • physical dimension: Length (440mm) X width (170mm) X height (216mm)
  • Filter effective volume: 1L
  • Filtration accuracy / filtration efficiency: 0.3 micron / 99.97%


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