Straight T-head Power Adapter Compatible for Apple Laptop, Macbook Pro, Air 45w, 60w, 85w Adapter Power Supply


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  • Outstanding MACBOOK
    With a great power supply
    Real-world testing, no harm to your computerFast heat dissipation: copper core cooling module
    Stable charging: Proven power solution
    Durable: High-quality components
  • Straight T-head
  • 45W side head T-head  A1466 A1436 A146511-inch MacBook Air
    13-inch MacBook Air
    A1466 A1436 A146560W Side-Head T-HeadA1502 A1425 A1435

    13-inch MacBook Pro
    A1502 A1425 A1435 i
    MC865 ME864 MF839

    85W Side Head T-Head

    A1398 A1424 A1389

    15-inch MacBook Pro
    A1398 A1424
    MC976 MD506
    ME665 ME293

  • Durable for ten years without replacement
    Double fireproof material fire retardant PC refined
    High temperature resistance
    Not afraid to fall, anti-slip and anti-scratch, durableAerospace grade quality
    After thousands of times of endless pursuit
    With fine craftsmanship to carve the amazing seamless
    splicing of the whole machine
    Through the unique color fixation and
    careful polishing treatment,
    The work of art is born with astonishment
  • Conversion connector
    Pure copper conductive sheet
    Improved conductivityExtension cable slot
    The slot is compatible with the original conversion head
    no difference in length
  • Thicker wire design
    Sturdy and durable. Stable transmission
    Anti-crackingCharging without harming the machine
    Easy to charge your Macbook
  • Overcurrent protection
    High power protection
    Electrostatic protectionLow voltage protection
    Electromagnetic field protection
    Short circuit protectionOver temperature protection
    Over-voltage protection
    Removable slot for plugging in extension cable
    Lightning protection
    Detachable plugComprehensive protection
    Eight layers of protectionOvercurrent protection
    High temperature protection
    Overcharge protection
    Short circuit protectionHigh voltage protection
    Electromagnetic wave protection
    Humidity protection
    Electrostatic protection

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T-head 45W, T-head 60w, T-head 85W


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